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Class of '86

Welcome esteemed alumni. The alumni section of our website is still in development. We hope to include alumni profiles, stories, and news that can help inspire a new generation of Chinquapinians. As always, we welcome any support from our Alumni either by donation, mentoring a students, or volunteering. Please help us keep your profile up-to-date as we frequently send our newsletters and e-mail communications to our Alumni. We hope to see you and hear from you. Quid pro Quo.


Alumni Scholarship

Help fund the alumni scholarship! You can donate online. Please be sure to designate your gift for the alumni scholarship in the memo field.


Alumni Photos

We've scanned in a few photos of our older alumni. Help us create a better gallery by sending in your class photos, or spending some time on campus scanning in our old ones. Contact Francisco or Sandy for more info.


Alumni Etiquette

First, we want to say that we love to see alumni on campus. You are good role models for our current student body and we love to see you interact with them. However, there are a few guidelines that we would like you to follow in order to prevent embarrassment for our newer teachers and to maintain a safe environment here.

  1. Please sign in at the front desk in the Administration Office.
  2. If you see a new teacher or adult that you don't recognize on campus, please introduce yourself and mention that you are an alumnus or alumna and the year you graduated.
  3. If you come in the evening to play basketball, please leave the campus at 10:00 p.m. when the gym closes.
  4. Please do not take any student off campus without permission from the Director or Director of Residence Life (Dave Bartholome).
  5. Please do not go to the dorms and hang out with students because usually they are supposed to be doing something else.

We think following these few procedures will help avoid some uncomfortable situations of the past as well as help protect our students from unknown intruders. Thanks for helping us with this issue, and we hope to see many of you soon.

- Laura Henry


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