David Medina "Chinquapin gave me the tools to find my success. This five-day boarding school gave me a language with which to express myself, and made me a reader and a writer. In addition to preparing me for my career, Chinquapin also taught me that giving and helping others is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Chinquapin continues to have a big influence on me. The school instilled in me a curiosity about the world that I have yet to satisfy, and I feel I still have a lot to give."

-David Medina, Class of 1975


Jamonte Strawder "My love for Chinquapin has pushed me to challenge myself and ultimately make me a better person. Chinquapin has been a home for many inner city youth for years. If you were to take a tour around campus you would see why."

-Jamonte Strawder, Class of 2015


Mily Pérez "Chinquapin holds a special place in my heart and in my home. I was extremely lucky to have been taught by teachers who had passion for their subject and helping their students succeed. A great school is not great because of its size or because of its wealth, but rather because the teachers create a home away from home where they mentor, instruct, motivate, and educate. Chinquapin was that school for me."

-Mily S. Pérez, Class of 2001


Tonatzin Cruz "The idea of Chinquapin is something I will carry with me all my life. It's the idea that everyone deserves a chance at an excellent education no matter the color of their skin or their economic background. May this school always inspire people to grow and work toward improving their communities the way it has inspired me."

- Tonatzin A. Cruz, Class of 1997


Tyrone Hill "Chinquapin is a place where you define your identity even before you become aware of its true importance. It’s the loving foundation that sealed the void of being raised without a mother. As a Burr, I was included in community decisions, introduced to various cultures, and encouraged to experience novelties of life. Chinquapin initiated my adulthood within a protective shell that enhanced my personal development. I’ve adopted ‘Quid Pro Quo’ as my personal philosophy, and as a result my future is open to great opportunities."

-Tyrone Hill III, MBA, Class of 1995

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