Aby Cisneros "From the moment I stepped onto campus as a student ten years ago, I knew that Chinquapin was about believing. As students, we believed that this school would prepare us for a wonderful future, that our teachers would teach us skills both in and out of the classroom, and that individuals all over Houston believed that we were destined for something great. Now, as a teacher, Chinquapin inspires me to continue living out its motto, Quid pro Quo, or “something for something”, by believing in my students' successes just as others believed in mine."

- Aby Cisneros, Chinquapin Faculty & Alumna 
 tim holm "Most teachers at Chinquapin go by their first names with students. It is emblematic to me of what is so special about this school: relationships among administration, faculty, and students are warm, personal, and full of respect. My students do not know me solely as a teacher assigning homework, but as someone who, like my colleagues, interact with them throughout the boarding school day: eating with them at meals, working alongside them during chores, and sometimes joining them for sports in the gym after study hall. That engaged and cooperative culture is key to our success."

- Tim Holm, Chinquapin Faculty
 robert long

"Chinquapin is a rigorous, creative, and collaborative school; it is an institution that urges students to pursue their academic interests while developing model citizenship. Our students are dedicated to their education. Teachers encourage and partner closely with students to meet the concrete and abstract challenges that learning and inquiry demand. Chinquapin is a special place where motivation enriches students' experience and prepares them for the challenges of college."

- Robert Long, Former Chinquapin Faculty

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