Chinquapin opens doors to the world for so many of our students through our partnerships with various organizations. Our Burrs go to leadership institutes, experience nature and so much more, usually on a substantial scholarship.

Seniors were especially active. Ahmad Hill spent a week at Westpoint in the Summer Leaders Experience. It is a fast paced program of academic classes, military training and physical fitness training. Lesley Robledo (and Anjelica Rodriguez, junior) attended the Rice Summer Business Institute, which introduces students to the world of busness, economics, energy and finance. Naomi Galindo spent several weeks with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) group in Wyoming learning to horsepack. Alejandro Izaguirre worked with the Student Conservation Association (SCA)on their national crew in the Yosemite Wilderness, restoring trails, removing inappropriately located campsites and invasive non-native plants. German Romaldo spent a week in Philadelphia at Adventures of the Mind, a week long program filled with TEDx-like lectures meant to impart a deeper understanding into career paths and college options. Yadi Quintanilla represented Texas and the US in Australia with Down Under Sports. Read more about Yadi’s experience in our “Student Spotlight.”

Seniors Dezirae Gomez, Kevin Leon, Elizabeth Bernal and Myrna Valdez went abroad this summer. Dezirae spent several weeks in Costa Rica with the Experiment in International Living (EIL). While there she studied the country’s biodiversity and worked with local residents on a conservation project. Kevin Leon was immersed in French language, history and culture when he traveled to France with EIL. Elizabeth spent seven weeks in Thailand with AFS Intercultural programs on a community service project. Myrna traveled to Italy for a month with AFS for an art program.

Junior Sandra Zavala traveled to Ecuador with AMIGOS DE LAS AMERICAS. Along with 17 other youth leaders from the Houston and San Francisco areas, Sandra stayed with a host family while helping the rural community by leading projects such as renovating a basketball court and teaching elementary students. Nery Perez, also a junior, attended the People to People Leadership Summit at Stanford University. The program focused on technology-based careers. Junior Adrian Pachuca was chosen to attend the School for Ethical and Global Leadership in Washington, D.C. for five weeks where he visited think tanks, NGOs and government offices, met with local leaders and experts and enhanced his public speaking and collaborative skills.

The Juniors Carolina Nunez, Antonio Gutierrez, and Desiree Toutai along with Sophomores Andrew Perez, Jennifer Delgado, Faith Hernandez, Jose Melendez, and Vanessa Flores all participated in The Woods Project, a program that aims to take low income students out of the city for a few weeks to introduce them to nature, camping, team building and leadership skills. The groups visited Yosemite and Glacier National Parks.

Several freshmen sought learning in the Houston area. Arelly Cisneros attended Bounce at the University of Houston with a focus on healthier lifestyles including eating and exercising habits. Jennifer Delgado attended Camp Neuro, a one week program that provides students with the opportunity to learn about the neurological and psychological fields from experts. Estefania Torres participated in TenMarks, a program designed to insure that students don’t lose math knowledge over the summer. Breakthrough Houston is run by former Chinquapin co-director Kathy Heinzerling and helps middle schoolers with college-ready skills. Abigail Castillo, 9th grade, and Nicole Covarrubias, 8th grade, attended. 

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